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Friday, December 22, 2006

pencil stuff

This was done later at night- and it really doesn;t look like me but neither does the goofy one. hehehe.

FF kick

I've been on this final fantasy kick lately. Thinking of redesigning some of my fave locatoins/characters/concepts or places. This doesn't really look anything like the 16 bit version nor the amazing yoshitaka amano-design i've never seen.
buts its my own interpretation ;-) enjoy.

more fun with ink & characters

Still on an Yay for sumi ink-kick ;-)
the rider



cloth skulls

wierd chef lady


Circus O' le studies(sp?)

I've been exploring ink a lot as a chracter design process because I love being messy. For somereason i can never bring myself to communicate with a single efficient line. Maybe that's why i talk in circles sometimes.

These are some studies from a photobook my parents got me when they went gambling /sight seeing in Las Vegas.

Character designs.

i was in the mood to do some fun yoshitaka amano-esque stuff. sigh i wish i was and old japanese man who lived in a cave with his ink brushes. but then again they don't have fried chicken & watermelon in caves.

I think this is a dragoon and some witch/shaman thing.


Sketchbook Clean Out- posting more soon

Just did some clean out of last semester's sketchbook stuff.
Sketch of mark and other things. Blue ink stuff.

This is how i've been feeling lately.

This is matt & john in my wanna be lou romano rip-off style.

mark again ;-0