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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

funny bazaar

im tired of working on this. some color feedback would be nice. im a little stumped.

wow this is a little messed up- i should have stuck to a specific rendering style one or the other this get a little wierd. oh well better luck next time.


Blogger Matt Swartz said...

I don't think this one is as bad as you think. I personally really like the right side of the picture, bright flat color, but with enough rendering to make it interesting. And I think the drawing overall is great. The only thing your concerned about though is unifing the two sides together, right? I think with a little work on either side, you can bring them closer together, either by flatting the left and bringing some of the color closer together, or rendering more on the right side. Overall though, not bad

10:43 AM  
Blogger othbot said...

hahah- this was actually had a predrawn composition- in pen- before ;p starting it

9:07 PM  

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