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Friday, May 23, 2008

New painting ;-)

i bought some new acrylics after i went crazy and threw all my old ones away. however i did keep my brushes!

yeah this is in my usual messy style- because i can't paint any other way hahaha!
yeah i, photo contrasted it a little more to look like the painting in dim light.

3hrs. perhaps 4 if you count setup and taking apart that stupid fruit dish i found in the garage which i turned into my painting palette.

trying to remember how long things take me. this is also done in my "default" sloppy-baroque wanna-be painting style so it doesn't require much premeditated planning/thumbnails- unlike my other visdev stuff.

Yay- off to do more sketch crawling- almost finishing a little sketchbook- so then i can move on to my fabriano journal yay!!!- so anyways- yay sunday sketchcrawl!


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