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Monday, September 22, 2008

ooo pretty

this is turning out to be the best $500(off of ebay) i ever spent. pulled it out of the box and installed sketchbook on it. plus everything started working better onces i installed the wacom drivers.

Fujitsu Stylistic 5020- its a few generations behind but it will be great once i max the ram out- to 2 GB.

yay now i can paint on the roof, or on the train or in the dark. plus it has just enough pressure sensitivity for me ;-)

yeah being able to draw like pen/paper again. sorry little wacom tablet with your cute strange buttons and your wierdo eye hand coordination that never feels like paper. it looks a lot bigger than it really is- it fits in my little messenger bag and it actually very thin. not like macbook air thin but then again- mac book airs don't have built in wacom tablets ;p so there.

which is humorously absurd that (design/art driven)mac hasn't released a tablet pc- yeah hmm because artist wouldn't buy those up like crack cakes or anything.


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